Who will your child become?

The high school your child attends plays a crucial role in shaping his character and future. Find out how to set your child up for success.

The time your child spends in high school will go by in a flash, but those four short years can impact who he becomes and how well he thrives both in and out of the classroom.

Learn how DeSales High School offers a more personalized approach to meet the unique learning styles and interests of students.

Inside the E-Book:

Find out how DeSales High School overcomes the challenges faced by high school education.
Discover the eight distinct advantages of the DeSales High School experience.
Learn more about DeSales High School’s unique approach to academics, technology, class size, and more.
Enjoy the testimonial of a DeSales student.
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An investment in your son’s education offers great reward for very little risk. DeSales High School offers a wide array of opportunities to help set your child up for success. We also know the importance of making a quality education affordable through tuition assistance, scholarships, and payment plans.